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We are passionate about pilates and providing the best instruction on the best equipment. We have more than 15 years of teaching experience between us and are ready to help you change the way you look and feel. No matter which instructor you work with, we are here for you and dedicated to giving you the best pilates class imaginable. We are a family here at the 100s. Welcome home.  

Founder & Lead Instructor, Le Call

Le is the founder of The 100s Pilates and has been instructing for more than five years and practicing for more than 15. She has been a model for more than 15 years, featured in Vogue, Elle, and more - with covers of Marie Claire, Tatler, and Red Magazine. She was also twice named "sexiest woman" by GQ. She partially attributes reformer pilates to her success and to the extra 1 inch she has gained from the exercise which lengthens the body and muscles. When she isn't kicking ass at The 100s, she can be found riding her horse or spending time with her son, Theo. 


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Our practice will involve toning and lengthening each area of the body as well as helping you form a mindful practice of Pilates. From your feet to your seat and your hind to your mind; we want it all stronger and healthier. Our goal in every session is to create a balanced body and how we tone and lengthen it; that means we try to “hit” every part. Tight muscles can lead to injuries though and while we love creating muscles, we know we have to balance that with some reformer aided stretching and massage. Practicing Pilates is not a one time deal though; you need to come back and thats why we also try to keep it fun and energetic. Getting to know our clients and seeing each personal goal achieved is why we do what we do.

The 100s presents a tightly packaged session—55 minutes of reformer based, sweat-producing exercise. We won’t waste time with planks, planks and more planks. Instead, we stretch your ability and agility with moves that crunch your core while strengthening your limbs. Our approach is holistic, so don’t do “arm days” or “leg days”— we’re too impatient for that. We want results, and we want them efficiently.

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