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Most of us spend our day in flexion; i.e. sitting at the computer or conference room or in the car. The discipline of Pilates can help BALANCE our current office culture with some reformer aided stretching and strengthening. Putting your body into extension and creating stronger abdominals will reduce your risk of injury, make you longer and stronger and form a practice that can bring mindfulness to all aspects of your life.

Pilates can improve your posture and correct it but mostly we do it cause we love the way it makes us look. The Reformer uses spring tension for resistance based toning and strengthening of each body part. Continuing the practice of Pilates can help us well into our golden years by staving off falls we become so prone to and as Joseph Pilates said, “You are only as young as your spine is healthy” Oh, and did we mention it can improve your golf swing? WE LOVE PILATES AND WANT YOU TO AS WELL.

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