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WE ARE THE 100s.


The 100s strives to give you a personal training experience in a comfortable and peaceful white oasis free of the typical sights and sounds associated with the “chain gyms.”  The practice of Pilates aims to tone, lengthen and stretch each part of your amazing bodies.  With one of the smallest class capacities in Manhattan, the 100s gives you all the attention and instructor motivation of a personal trainer. We also use the best equipment possible - Stott Pilates reformers - for the ultimate reformer experience. 

We present a tightly packaged session—55 minutes of reformer based, sweat-producing exercise. We won’t waste time with planks, planks and more planks. Instead, we stretch your ability and agility with moves that crunch your core while strengthening your limbs. Our approach is holistic, so don’t do “arm days” or “leg days”— we’re too impatient for that. We want results, and we want them efficiently.


Our studio is the 2nd floor of a charming four floor NYC walk-up in a storied area of New York; Nomad. Please ring our buzzer and walk up.  We look forward to it.


Le Call's vision for the 100s is to create a studio that is both effective and engaging. These classes pack the most that you can get into a 55-minute pilates workout. Call is a model who has appeared in magazines like Glamour and Vogue throughout her 15 year career. She wants her clients to experience the same benefits from pilates that she has, and is passing that knowledge on to them. Her small group classes allow for personal attention from Le and her equally passionate staff. 


"The vibe of the area is realized at The 100s Pilates, which—thanks to the charisma and talent of its owner, Le Call—boasts a roster of clients that represents the “who’s who” of New York."


"The instructor (+ owner), Le, made us feel as though we've been going there for years. You can tell the people who frequent this spot are like almost like a little pilates family. Every move done right was praised by the instructor, but she also had no problem calling us out + correcting us, which we loved."


"This is the best pilates class in New York. I've taken hundreds of classes at different studios and nothing compares to this. It is fun, a GREAT workout, and the instructors are amazing."


The Studio


19 West 21st Street #502, between Ralph's Coffee and Alo


The 100s



As a new Mom herself, Le is passionate about helping women achieve the strength they want during and after pregnancy. Studies have shown that pilates during pregnancy can help ease discomfort and the challenge of delivery. It also helps reduce recovery time. The 100s provides a safe yet challenging workout for expecting Moms so they can strengthen their pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles, which are weakened during pregnancy. If you are expecting or are a new Mom, congratulations, and we hope to see you soon. 

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